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Archetypes are concepts, images, characters or symbols that appear across times and cultures and represent important facets of the human experience. Some examples are Teacher, Perfectionist, Outcast, Healer, Magician, Witch, Shaman, Explorer, Rebel, Athlete, Hero, Performer. Goddesses and gods across various traditions represent different archetypes as well.

In the words of author and medical intuitive Caroline Myss, "archetypes originate in our cosmic intelligence” as “universal patterns of power emerging from our myths and beliefs.” We see archetypal energies expressed in various spiritual systems- tarot, astrology, the chakra system, to name a few. Working with archetypes can unlock latent potentials, gifts and psychological capacities. 

Psychedelic Integration

and Harm Reduction

I work with clients who have had or are considering having a psychedelic experience. I do not provide psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. I work within the legal and ethical frameworks of my license in accordance with state and federal laws. I utilize inner-directive, psychodynamic, transpersonal and archetypal approaches in this work. I am certified in Psychedelic Assisted Therapy and Integration through Fluence Academy.  I have completed continuing education credits in psychedelic preparation, integration and harm reduction with Fluence and psychedelic assisted therapy through Spiritual Competency Academy

I offer psychedelic integration consultation services for folks anywhere in the world and psychedelic integration and harm reduction therapy services for California residents. I have published writing on this topic in S/HE International Journal of Goddess Studies and the Psychedelic Support network.

Dark Goddess Alchemy

Dark Goddess figures are archetypes of transformation. They are associated with death, loss, the underworld, shadow realms, ego dissolution and rebirth. In this way, the Dark Goddess Archetypes preside over the world of therapy and healing work. Their mythology provides a template for the soul's journey towards self-actualization. They represent a willingness to shed what no longer serves us and to reclaim the lost parts of ourselves that have been hidden away in the shadows. Some examples of Dark Goddess archetypal figures are Hekate, Kali, Freya, Inanna and Ereshkigal.


You desire change, you want to be a more integrated and healed version of yourself. And you know that type of change is not a painless process. You know that confronting the trauma and loss you've experienced and looking at the coping mechanisms that are no longer serving you is going to be uncomfortable, even painful at times. And you are deciding that you do not have to walk into this underworld alone. 


In our work together, we become the Dark Goddess. You are the courageous journeyer plunging into the underworld to meet your shadow self, to make conscious what lies in your subconscious. I will serve as your guide and companion, having walked through my own underworld and come through it stronger. Together, we alchemize, or transform, your Wounded self into your Integrated and Healing self. Through this work, more of your original essence, your creative darkness and unique light, is able to pour into the world.

Dance of Opposites

The qualities that we associate with either femininity or masculinity exist within all of us, regardless of our gender, anatomy, social conditioning or sexual orientation. Whether you are female, non-binary, male, gender fluid, or genderqueer, there exists within you a vast storehouse of archetypal energies. The Dance of Opposites is about exploring these archetypes and how they show up for you.


While there are various systems that assign certain qualities to either femininity or masculinity, the fact that different systems say different things lets us know that there are no definitively feminine or masculine qualities. For example, some traditions assign passivity to the feminine and activity to the masculine, while other systems conceptualize the masculine as stillness and the feminine as movement and mutability. In many cultures the sun is male and the moon female, but in some cultures the gender assignment is reversed. The work of Dance of Opposites is not about learning what qualities have which gender affiliations, it is about discerning what feels masculine, feminine, both or neither, within you. It is about finding your unique balance, harmony and expression of inner feminine and masculine traits. 

Centering the Muse

Do you wish that creativity played a bigger role in your life? Do you berate yourself when you resolve to make more art or music, do more writing, dancing, crafting, etc. and find yourself unable to make these activities a priority? Are you filled with self-doubt when comparing yourself to other creative folks and their accomplishments? Do you long to feel inspired enough to create, and courageous enough to bring your creations into the world? Are you trying to find your unique creative gift and deeply afraid that you don't have one? (spoiler alert: you do have one!) If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you might be ready for the work of Centering the Muse. 

The Muse archetype is one of divine inspiration, lighting creative fires that birth works of art, music, dance and craft into the world. These tangible or embodied creations are infused with spirit and transcend the limitations of the material plan. This archetype was watered down and confused in its historical representation as a woman inspiring great works of art in a male artist. This “muse” subsumed her agency and her own creativity to his, she existed to bolster his ego. This is the patriarchy's distortion of the muse archetype. The true Muse is not an embodied being but rather an energy or spirit that can, at times, appear through people in our lives. But the primary relationship with the Muse cannot be through another human being. No individual can “be” your Muse. This archetypal energy is available to you directly and if you are reading this you likely are ready to deepen your relationship to the Muse. Together, we can explore how to best support and nurture this relationship in service of bringing your creativity into fuller expression. 

Therapy or Consultation?

These archetypal frameworks can be incorporated into psychotherapy sessions or can stand alone in the consultation model of working together. Consultation is similar to coaching but includes the education, experience and insight of a psychotherapist. Consultation does not include trauma work, crisis management or treatment of mental health symptoms. If you already have a therapist or aren't looking for psychotherapeutic services at this time, consultation might be the right path for you. Additionally, I offer consultation services to people living anywhere in the world, while psychotherapy services are only available to California residents.

Forest Scene

   Reclaim Your Power
                Find Your Voice

Live Your Truth

"I will embody the witch. I will reclaim my wild heritage on this earth, connected to the rolling thunderstorm and the lightening that crashes, bathe myself in the vast unconquered depths of the ocean and speak to the trees to hear their voices. I will remember the forgotten dead and the disregarded spirits to harness a live wire of power and magick." Joey Morris

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